Blade Hawks Brand Story

BladeHawks purpose is to give gamers an RGB-based gaming environment that they can proudly display along with having a genuine gaming experience. We want to give gamers the feeling of being in the game and fight the battle while we light up the room. Give them a value-based product with great quality which will not only give them durability but also the sense of high-end quality products. With our 24 months warranty on all products, we make sure to get what you pay for. You won’t lose a battle in the game and also with your budget. Make gaming colorful with our Blade to light up your games.

Blade Hawks

BladeHawks brand is focusing on giving gamers the ultimate gaming products with RGB for their gaming zone. We want to be the gamers' new choice that they can rely on.

Our Mission:

Unleashing the lights to enhance your gaming experience to the fullest.

Our Vision:

We strive to make quality gaming goods with durability. 

We want to give you the ultimate tool to win the battle with great RGB lights.

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