Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Microphone

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  • Clear Sound: Powerful and high-performance audio master chip is embeded in this laptop microphone equipped with a sponge cover, which can effectively reduce background noise and ensure fidelity and purity of your voice output. Let your teamates hear you clearly.
  • Plug and Play: This computer microphone is suitable for any operating system—Mac OS X, Windows and any computer with USB connection (Apple, Asus, HP, etc.) and does not need to install any software eating up resources. The 2.2M ultra-long USB cable of the usb microphone gives you more choices for placement.
  • Volume Control Dial: The volume can be adjusted by dialing the controller, a built-in volume wheel on the USB PC microphone. Dialing it clockwise as the slider “+” till a "click" sound, you are turning up the volume of usb microphone .To turn off mic, just dial the volume counter clockwise.
  • Starry Sky RGB Lighting: The unique lighting design for the pc microphone provides you with a better immersive atmosphere. You will feel like you are under the sky of stars when you turn on the lights in a dark room. And you can also turn off the background lights with one button when you do not need it.
  • 360°Adjustable Gooseneck: The spring design helps you adjust the speaking angle of the computer microphone more flexibly. You can easily adjust it to your most comfortable angle, allowing you to chat with friends and conduct online office meetings or voice chats of game. Besides, if you are traveling or are on a business trip, this pc mic is definitely a great portable option.

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